Boxcar Membership - Beer For a Year!


Boxcar Membership - Beer For a Year!


Beer for a Year!

This exclusive membership is a pretty awesome deal! The Boxcar Membership fee is $300. The memberships are valid from time of purchase for one year.

Membership is limited to 100 members. 


• Membership card Identifying you as a member

• One free beer a day! Happy Hour pricing for the duration of the membership

• 1 x  64 oz. growler fill per month for a year

• Early access to seasonal releases

• 10 % off merchandise (t-shirts, hats etc.)


The Box Car Membership and benefits are not transferable. Unless specifically stated, benefits apply to the member only and may not be applied to any other individual, ever.

Railyard Brewing, reserves the right to revoke Rail Pass membership, without refund, due to the refusal to observe tasting room and brewery policies.

Due to the size of our membership programs, we will be keeping in touch with our members via email. It is important we have a current email address at all times. A phone number will only be used as a secondary means of communication, if necessary.  If your contact information changes, it is your responsibility to notify us.

We look forward to providing you with premium beer throughout the year!

You must be of legal drinking age to purchase.

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