Alberta Craft Beer Guide Cast - Featuring Christina

Andrew, from Alberta Craft Beer Guide invited Christina up to talk about her story that brought her from Australia to play a role in Alberta’s craft beer scene. Click on "Christina" to listen to the podcast to hear about Railyard Brewing’s story; how we are aggressively expanding production and taking the city by storm with our Taproom features. Furthermore, catch up on Christina’s craft beer journey, if I remember correctly it started when she was only six years old, yes I said six.   


Nitro Stout Arrived at the Station!

It's been a long time coming and many of you that have visited us in the tap room have known we've been working on it for some time; but we're proud to announce the Railyard Nitro Stout has had it's first canning run! A special thanks to our friends at Cask for helping us dial in the nitrogen dosing for the Nitro Stout.

Cans are now available in the tap room and will be available in your favourite liquor store soon.