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#YYC5 picks prime spots for pint pours in Calgary

#YYC5 picks prime spots for pint pours in Calgary

Wow! This is fantastic! We would like to thank everyone who reviewed Railyard Brewing on #YYC5. We made it to the number ONE spot. Our customers are the best; we very much appreciate your support! It was great to be interviewed by Global News and to be featured in their video. We are proud to be a part of Calgary Craft Brew scene; looking forward to brewing more great beer for our loyal customers. And, of course we need to recognize the efforts of our dedicated staff, we have a great team!

Global NewsWATCH: Global News asked viewers and social media followers where they go for their favourite pints in Calgary. Deb Matejicka has the roundup in this week's #YYC5.

By Deb Matejicka Community Reporter  Global News

One thing is clear Calgary: you sure do love beer!

For this week’s #YYC5, Global News asked viewers and social media followers where they go for their favourite pint in the city.

The responses poured in — but that’s hardly surprising when you take into account that in the last five years, the amount of brewing companies in the city have more than doubled.

Beer lovers can now seek out any one of 30 breweries in Calgary but #YYC5 had to narrow the list down to just five.

Railyard Brewing

From older company to new, the year-old Railyard Brewing brought in a keg load of votes. Like a lot of other breweries, the idea for Railyard was formed while friends Brandon Fortes and Gavin Reynolds shared a couple of beers.

“We were brewing beer at home,” recalled Fortes. “We were neighbours across the street from each other, brewing beers, talking about beer, really getting engaged in the Alberta craft beer scene.”

Reynolds admitted he knew little about the brewing process but added that he was as passionate as Fortes about beer.

“One day, Brandon was out on his driveway brewing a batch and I just basically went up to him and asked him, “Hey man, we should do this. We should build a brewery,” Reynolds said.

That’s exactly what they did. It took them more than three years, but eventually, Railyard Brewing opened its doors late last November.

“As we’re sitting there one day waiting for one of the freight trains to go by — it [was like] why not Railyard? That’s really what ties Alberta together, ties our economy, ties our culture. From there we were inspired,” he said.

That inspiration can be seen throughout the 13,000-square-foot brewery located near the airport.

“We’re still working on it constantly,” Reynolds said. “We’re still incorporating the Railyard atmosphere in here. We’ve got graffiti artists coming in here on our off days.”

For the amount of attention they pay to decor, the Railyard crew pays even more to each of its carefully crafted brews which include a lager, a pale ale, an IPA and their signature Nitro Stout.

“We took that nice, creamy, sweet stout… and from there we add the liquid nitrogen, which ensures that whether you get it on draft or you take a can home and you pour it out… you’ll actually get that beautiful cascade every time,” Fortes explained, adding that the process helps double down on “that creamy factor.”